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GE Assessment Resources

The California State University-ITL
Symposium Assessing GE under EO 1033 Fall 2011
Website Sources for GE Program Assessment*

Various Resources with Exemplars

General Resources
Site lists over 1,200 links: it was first posted in 1995 at UC Boulder. North Carolina now hosts the site; see Attachment 1 (.pdf) for copy of page 1 as sample.
Source: North Carolina State University

Oklahoma State University GE Assessment Resources
(rubrics and learning outcomes)

Examples of Formatting Processes for Assessment

General Education Assessment Process Flowchart (.pdf)
Source: Illinois State University

Display of Related Outcomes and Rubrics
Source: Appalachian State University

SUNY Assessment

SUNY GE Assessment Conference (.pdf) - Includes agenda, notes, etc.
Links to Supporting Documents - Includes best practices
Review Process Guidelines (.pdf)
Source: SUNY

Other Campus Assessments

CSU Chico: Structure and Process of GE Assessment (.pdf)
Source: CSU Chico

CSU Chico Pathways Report (.pdf)
Source: CSU Chico

CSUCI Rubric for Assessing GE Assessment Process (.pdf)
Source: CSU Channel Islands

CSU Stanislaus GE Assessment Chronology (.pdf)
Source: CSU Stanislaus

Other Valuable Sites

AACU (Association of American Colleges and Universities)
Resources (some publications are free of charge; others must be purchased)

National Trends and Analyses

  • Returning Adult Students (Peer Review, Winter 2011)
  • General Education & Liberal Learning: Principles of Effective Practice
  • Trends and Emerging Practices in General Education (.pdf)
  • General Education and the Assessment Reform Agenda
  • American Pluralism and the College Curriculum
  • Creating Shared Responsibility for General Education and Assessment (Peer Review, Fall 2004)
  • General Education and Student Transfer; Fostering Intentionality and Coherence in State Systems
  • General Education: The Changing Agenda
  • Taking Responsibility for the Quality of the Baccalaureate Degree

Practical Tools and Case Studies of General Education Reform

  • Revising General Education - And Avoiding the Potholes: A Guide for Curricular Change
  • Toward Intentionality and Transparency: Analysis and Reflection on the Process of General

Assessing General Education

  • The Art and Science of Assessing General Education Outcomes: A Practical Guide
  • Advancing Liberal Education: Assessment Practices on Campus
  • General Education: A Self-Study Guide for Review and Assessment

Communicating About General Education Aims and Outcomes

  • Making the Case for Liberal Education: Responding to Challenges (.pdf)
  • Communicating Commitment to Liberal Education: A Self-Study Guide for Institutions (.pdf)
  • What Will I Learn in College? What You Need to Know Now to Get Ready for College Success
  • Why Do I Have to Take This Course? A Student Guide to Making Smart Educational Choices

Effective General Education Teaching

  • General Education & Liberal Learning: Principles of Effective Practice
  • Engaging Departments: Assessing Student Learning (Peer Review, Winter 2010)
  • Good Teaching: What Is It and How Do We Measure It? (Peer Review, Spring 2009)
  • High Impact Educational Practices

Sharing Best Practices of Assessment (free, downloadable report)
Source: Faculty Focus Website

*Campuses may find some of these websites useful as they prepare for general education assessment. There are many other websites which may be of greater value, depending on the campus general education assessment process and status. In addition, many CSU campuses may elect to share information with other CSU campuses that is not posted on campus websites.

Last Updated: May 24, 2018