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From the Classroom

This department provides a forum for sharing information about instructional innovation and what works (and what doesn't) in CSU courses and programs. Articles listed by author's surname.

Elizabeth Adams

Katherine L. Adams

Tom Bensky

Katherine Brown

Merri Lynn Casem

Mark Carrier & Larry Rosen

Grace Cho & Debra DeCastro-Ambrosetti

María Dolores Costa

Steven M. Graves

Ruth Guthrie

Nancy Harrison

Kristi Kanel

Robin Keehn

Jeffrey Mason

Pamela J. McCrory

Suzanne L. Medina

Ramakrishnan Menon

Jana L. Pershing

Wendy (Gwen) Robertson

Liliana Castañeda Rossmann

Margaret Tomlinson Rustick

Robert M. Saltzman

"Beez" Lea Ann Schell

Tamara Sniezek

William J. Wolfe

Randy Yerrick

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