Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL)

FDC Officer Duties and Responsibilities

Adopted October 5, 2010

FDC President
  • Prepare fall/spring FDC meeting agendas with input from past-president, president-elect, FDC, and ITL faculty director.
  • Preside over fall/spring FDC meetings.
  • Send a "Welcome to the FDC" letter to all new FDC Center directors.
  • Arrange for new FDC Center directors to be placed on the FDC listserv managed by SLO.
  • Monitor progress on goals and projects and report status at each meeting.
  • Guide annual review of strategic plan to assure accountability.
  • Place the following items on the spring FDC meeting agenda:
    • Elect the FDC president-elect
    • Elect FDC representatives to other advisory groups where the FDC has a seat.
    • Identify a volunteer to host the next spring's Regional Symposium on University Teaching.
    • Identify a volunteer to host the next fall/spring FDC meetings.
  • Place the following item on the fall FDC meeting agenda:
    • Arrange that a fall-only FDC photo be taken for posting on the ITL Web site.
  • Write (or designate someone) and distribute minutes of the fall/spring FDC meetings within two weeks following the fall/spring FDC meetings.
  • Consult with FDC president regarding fall/spring agendas.
Past President
  • Consult with FDC president regarding fall/spring agendas.
ITL Faculty Director
  • Assumes position as an ex-officio member of the FDC.
  • Consults with FDC president regarding ITL/FDC common projects.
  • Maintains and updates FDC section on ITL Web site, to include: FDC roster, practices and policies, fall FDC photo, etc.
Last Updated: March 06, 2012