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MERLOT is an acronym for "Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching." MERLOT is a project of the California State University system, which started over 20 years ago.  It is an international community of close to 160,000 members with more than 82,000 online learning materials in its repository, in nearly every discipline and material type.  It is a comprehensive resource for faculty in all stages of their careers.

With its unique peer review process in over 25 disciplines, use MERLOT as a universal gateway to find online learning materials. In addition, create new MERLOT-hosted instructional websites with the MERLOT Content Builder. It is also possible to plan and develop your entire course with MERLOT Course ePortfolios.   

MERLOT has more than 6,600 open textbooks catalogued in the repository. Users can search by ISBN to discover supplemental materials for a textbook. Users can also find learning exercises, bookmarked collections and virtual guest experts.  The collection of resources is easily searchable and also conveniently arranged by discipline community. With the MERLOT Smart Search, users can find materials not only in MERLOT, but in over a dozen other digital libraries and the web, all in one place. In addition, there is a search tool to help you find colleagues who have your interests out of the more than 150,000 MERLOT members. MERLOT is vast but accessible tool that will help you be more successful!

For questions about MERLOT, contact the MERLOT Webmaster at  

Last Updated: January 03, 2019