Systemwide Digital Library Content (SDLC)

About Systemwide Digital Library Content (SDLC)

In 1989, the CSU Office of the Chancellor’s Division of Library and Academic Information Services, with the support and approval of the CSU's Council of Library Directors, initiated a program of cooperative buying to consolidate the contracting and purchasing power of the, then, 20-campus system. The program was a success from the very beginning, achieving significant discounts for all participants and currently saving the university millions of dollars annually.

The systemwide procurement and contracting effort is currently coordinated and managed by the SDLC of Academic Technology Services at the Office of the Chancellor. SDLC is tasked with negotiating and contracting on behalf of the CSU campus libraries and academic departments. Information resources are identified and brought to the university for further review under a process developed by the CSU Electronic Access to Information Resources Committee (EAR), a standing subcommittee reporting to the Council of Library Directors (COLD).