Systemwide Digital Library Content (SDLC)

Electronic Core Collection (ECC)

The CSU Electronic Core Collection (ECC) is the program-driven part of the E-Resource collection, used actively for instruction, and in high demand. The ECC was founded on three principles: equality of access, support of core curricular programs and cost efficiency. The primary criterion for the inclusion of resources in the Electronic Core Collection is the support of the common core of CSU curricula. Electronic resources defined as “Core” will cover one or more disciplines in the common curricula and meet general information needs as well as the specific needs of core programs at the study level. The ECC is fully funded through the Office of the Chancellor with access available to all CSU campuses.

Vendors must be willing to provide consortium agreements for the CSU at an aggregated level that provides greater benefits than if each campus contracted directly. In most cases, this benefit manifests itself as cost-savings, but in many instances it is also the size of the deal that will provide more visibility with vendor management and customer service.