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CSU COAST System-wide Annual Meeting

June 14, 2010

The CSU's Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology (COAST) held its annual meeting on June 11 at the CSU Chancellor's Office and heard from leaders of the Aquarium of the Pacific, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, Port of Los Angeles and the Southern California Marine Institute about opportunities for partnerships.

COAST was established in 2008 to promote multi-campus collaborative marine, coast and estuarine research and education throughout the CSU.

Photo courtesy of NOAACalifornia boasts a coastline of 1,100 miles and three quarters of the state's population lives and works within the state's coastal zone. Additionally, the annual ocean economy of California is estimated to provide an impact of about $43 billion on the state and country.

The CSU and COAST- with a combination of 45 biological field stations, marine laboratories and campuses-are uniquely positioned to positively impact such a dynamic entity as the California coast which boasts so many environmental challenges.

In its relatively short time in existence, COAST has already engaged faculty from every campus in the system, invested over $150,000 in faculty to increase their success in securing extramural funding and engaged policy makers and resource managers in both Sacramento and Washington D.C. to raise awareness around its efforts.

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