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Cal Poly Pomona Hosts State Budget Hearing

May 2, 2011

Cal Poly Pomona Hosts State Budget HearingState leaders held a Senate Budget Committee hearing last Friday at Cal Poly Pomona that featured testimony from higher education leaders, K-12 leaders, public safety officials and the public from throughout the Inland Empire on the impact of an all cuts budget.

Participants reviewed the effects of previous budget cuts on the area and also discussed options to resolve $16 billion in revenue needed to balance this year's state budget. Among the options is the passing of an "all-cuts" budget in which CSU's reduction in funding could be far greater than the $500 million cut already approved by the governor and the legislature.

"By eliminating three of our eight colleges we still couldn't make it work," said J. Michael Ortiz, president of Cal Poly Pomona. "This would mean thousands of students would go without an education and we still would not survive and all-cuts budget."

Cal Poly Pomona Hosts State Budget HearingThe governor and legislators have already approved a budget that reduces state funding for higher education by $1.4 billion, including a half a billion dollar cut to the CSU.

Ortiz concluded his testimony on the possible long-term effect of an all-cuts budget, stating "If we stay on this path we have some incomprehensible decisions that must be made."