Public Affairs

One Week Remains for CSU Spring 2012 Applications

August 24, 2011

Prospective students planning to apply to a California State University campus for the spring 2012 term are urged to submit their applications by the end of the priority application period on Wednesday, August 31.

The CSU received 27,417 applications in the three weeks between August 1 and August 21. The total easily surpasses the 19,325 applications submitted for spring 2011 during the same timeframe last year.  The numbers include applications from prospective undergraduate, graduate and international students.

The number of applications received underscores the desire of students to continue their journey toward a bachelor's degree following community college work, as well as the high demand that exists for a CSU education at all levels.

Several CSU campuses opened to applicants for the spring 2012 term despite severe budget cuts – primarily to serve eligible, upper-division transfer students. For the most current information on which campuses are accepting students, and at what level, please visit the CSUMentor status page. Current and future applicants are also encouraged to visit CSUMentor to apply or find out more about CSU program offerings, financial aid and academic planning.