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CSU Accepting Applications For Calstateteach

CalStateTEACH, the California State University alternative teacher education program for elementary school teachers seeking credentials, is continuing to accept applications for the fall term. Deadline for applications and all supporting documents is Sept. 11. The fall program begins with an orientation session on Sept. 23.

Using the latest technology, including the Internet, video, and print materials, CalStateTEACH delivers high quality education to teachers wherever they may live in California. Throughout the 18-month program only five visits to a CSU site are required.

Beginning teachers work in small groups of 10-20 people, supported by a CSU faculty mentor whose sole responsibility is to serve each teacher as an adviser and evaluator. The faculty mentor visits the classroom to observe teaching skills and offer feedback and support. A study guide presents activities that integrate course assignments with hands-on teaching. About 12 hours per week of study time outside the classroom is required. Cost for the four-stage program is $1,103 per stage and includes all instructional materials.

Applicants must have a teaching position in a multiple subjects classroom in which the core curriculum (language arts, social studies, math, and science) is taught to all students. Typically, this requirement is met by teachers in a K-6 setting. Middle school instructors, part-time teachers and long-term substitutes also may qualify. Short-term substitute, special education and computer teachers are not eligible.

Applicants can complete an online application at or call toll-free 877-225-7828 for a paper application or more information.

22 August 2000