G12 CSU Campuses Among Leaders in Awarding Master's Degrees

17 California State University campuses are among Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education's 11th annual "Top 100," a national list of colleges and universities that conferred the most bachelor's degrees on Hispanics, according to the latest report by the National Center for Education Statistics. In addition, 12 CSU campuses were among the top 100 colleges and universities that awarded the most master's degrees to Hispanics.

CSU campuses in the "Top 100" are: San Diego State (5), CSU Los Angeles (8), CSU Fullerton (9), CSU Northridge (11), CSU Long Beach (13), CSU Fresno (17), San Jose State (24), CSU San Bernardino (27), CSU Dominguez Hills (28), Cal Poly Pomona (29), CSU Sacramento (31), San Francisco State (34), Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (37), CSU Chico (61), CSU Stanislaus (65), CSU Hayward (67), and CSU Bakersfield (72).

CSU campuses in the "Top 100" in awarding master's degrees are: Los Angeles. (7), San Diego (14), Dominguez Hills (27), San Jose (28), Long Beach (34), Sacramento (41), Northridge (46), Fresno (51), San Francisco (53), Fullerton (57), San Bernardino (70), and Hayward (92).

According to Hispanic Outlook, the number of bachelor's degrees in the Top 100 awarded to Hispanics increased by 2,600 to 41,000, and master's degrees awarded rose to 10,292 degrees nationwide.

The CSU is one of the most diverse higher education institutions in the nation with minority enrollment at 53 percent, more than twice the national average for four-year public universities. In fact, eight of the nation's top 20 universities in number of baccalaureate degrees awarded to minorities are CSU institutions. The CSU graduating class of 2000 included 10,168 Hispanic graduates among the 23,268 minority students who received their bachelor's degrees.

The CSU is the largest four-year higher education system in the country. It includes 23 campuses and five off-campus centers throughout the state. The CSU enrolls about 370,000 students, employs more than 41,500 faculty and staff, and has approximately two million alumni.


23 May 2001

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Last Updated: January 2001

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