CSU Receives a Record $916.4 Million in External Support

The California State University's total income from external sources rose to a record $916.4 million in fiscal year 2000-01, according to the Annual Report on External Support submitted to the Board of Trustees today. This amount includes $248.2 million in charitable donations.

"Last year's external support increased 4 percent from the previous year and sets an all-time record for private support of the CSU," said Louis Caldera, CSU vice chancellor for University Advancement. "This support is critical to maintaining excellence in a higher-education program that produces annually more than half of California's baccalaureate graduates."

External support is the sum of special revenue and voluntary support. CSU campuses raised $668.2 million in special revenue from sources such as sponsorships, bequest expectancies, pledges, contracts, grants, property transfers and income from endowments. Commonly, these funds are raised as a result of campus development officers working hand-in-hand with faculty members and administrators to develop proposals for research grants and contracted work.

Donors provided $248.2 million in voluntary support, which includes gifts from alumni, parents, corporations, foundations, friends, and organizations. Gifts from individuals and foundations experienced a decrease from last year, while donations from corporations and other sources significantly increased.

Several campuses have developed major campaigns to support the construction of buildings and endowment programs. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's Centennial Campaign led all campuses in fund raising. They raised a record $43.2 million, the highest voluntary support ever received by any CSU campus in a single year. A close second was San Diego State University with $42.1 million in voluntary support.

The Long Beach and Fresno campuses raised $26.6 million and $22.7 million, respectively. The California Maritime Academy substantially increased its voluntary funding from $1.6 million in the previous year to $5.4 million, and Cal State Northridge increased its voluntary support from $7.8 million to $12.4 million.

Fund raising has become an institutional priority at all campuses since 1993 when the university decided to pursue private donations to supplement state support and other public sources of funding.

External support now represents nearly 17 percent of CSU's $5.4 billion annual budget. The CSU spends on average 17 cents on fund raising per dollar raised. This amount is very close to the national average of 16 cents for other institutions of higher education. 

For more information, please see External Support Report

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Last Updated: 29 January 2002

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