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CSU Names 2007/08 Hearst/CSU Trustees' Award Recipients

(September 12, 2007) The California State University (CSU) has selected 23 students to receive the 2007/08 William R. Hearst/CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement. The winners, one from each campus in the system, will be honored by the Trustees on Sept. 18 at the CSU Office of the Chancellor in Long Beach, California.

The award provides $3,000 scholarships to students who have demonstrated financial need, experienced personal hardships and have attributes of merit including superior academic performance, exemplary community service, and significant personal achievements.

The William Randolph Hearst Foundation originally established an endowed scholarship fund in 1984 to honor William Randolph Hearst, founder of the Hearst newspaper chain. In 1999, the William Randolph Hearst Foundation partnered with the CSU Board of Trustees to supplement the endowment with contributions from CSU Trustees and private donors.

Dr. Ali C. Razi, Trustee Emeritus of the CSU Board of Trustees, later endowed a scholarship fund to recognize the top scoring Hearst/Trustees’ award recipients.  The Trustee Ali C. Razi Scholars receive a $6,000 scholarship. This year, two students will receive this honor.

In a like fashion, Murray L. Galinson, Trustee Emeritus and former Chair of the CSU Board of Trustees, endowed a scholarship fund to recognize a Hearst Scholar who best exemplifies extraordinary public service to his or her home or university community.  The Trustee Murray L. Galinson Scholar receives a $6,000 scholarship.

The 2007/08 award recipients

Razi and Galinson Award Recipients:

Delbert Moreno, Cal State Northridge, is a graduate Chicano/a Studies and social science credential student who has worked as a service volunteer and tutored at-risk kids. After a difficult childhood, including being part of a gang, he was led back to education and self-improvement.  He hopes to teach sociology at the university level. He is a recipient of the Trustee Ali C. Razi Scholar Award.

Adrianna Bayer, Humboldt State, is an English and history major currently working on her master’s in English with the ultimate goal of becoming a college English teacher.  Overcoming family hardships and a severe speech impediment herself, her dream is help others overcome their personal obstacles to achieve success. She is a recipient of the Trustee Ali C. Razi Scholar Award.

Kylie T. Nguyen, Cal State Fullerton, is a human services graduate who is going on to a master’s in social work with the goal of helping abused and neglected children. An active student researcher, her service at school includes project director at the Volunteer and Service Center and volunteer work at a homeless shelter. She is the recipient of the Trustee Murray L. Galinson Scholar Award.

Other award recipients:

Michael J. Butler, Cal State Bakersfield, is a psychology major who came to college at the age of 42, realizing both the value of higher education and his desire and ability to teach others.  Having suffered many personal losses, he made a fresh start with the encouragement of his wife and children, and hopes to teach at a community college.

Jeremy Allen Booker, Cal State Channel Islands, was raised by his single mother after his father’s death. Active in a range of campus organizations as well as his church’s youth group, he also volunteers as a classroom assistant for a public speaking class, helping students build confidence.  His postgraduate plan is to study public administration and to help others achieve their dreams.

Kevin Brady, Cal State Chico, a construction management major, came to college after struggling with substance abuse, incarceration, and the disabling injuries from a car accident.  A hardworking student, he has compiled a strong record of community service, including spending a month in New Orleans helping to rebuild houses.

John Martin Shaffer, Cal State Dominguez Hills, a divorced father with two children, has managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA while also working as a parent volunteer in his children’s classrooms and being active in school organizations.  He is the first in his family to graduate from a university and is working toward becoming a teacher.

P. Kofi Baah-Arhin, Cal State East Bay, formerly a village teacher in Ghana who sponsored the education of two of his own students, moved to California in 1988 and is currently enrolled in the master of public administration program. A licensed foster parent, he continues to lead service volunteers every summer to rural Africa.

Jaime Flores, Fresno State, is a nutrition science major whose goal is to be a community leader in the fight against childhood obesity. Active on campus, she also mentors a troubled child and works as a volunteer at Buddy Systems, which uses horseback riding to develop the motor skills of physically and mentally challenged youngsters.

Hiep Nguyen, Cal State Long Beach, is an interdisciplinary artist and teacher with a passion for arts education.  Besides work as a innovative teacher, MFA student, muralist and stage designer, his current goal is to help establish community art centers in Orange County’s Little Saigon region and in Da Lat, Vietnam, to reach poor and at-risk youth.

Lesley Anne Asistio, Cal State Los Angeles, overcame illness, personal setbacks and a wandering educational pathway before finding her home at the university as a theatre arts major.  She has written, produced, acted in and directed two well-received autobiographical plays and hopes to create a company that empowers the work of women of all colors.

Anthony David Merlonghi, Cal Maritime, is a marine engineer technology major.  After joining the Marine Corps out of high school, he served in the military for several years, including 18 months in Iraq.  A top student on campus, he supports an extended family and plans to be a ship’s marine engineer.

Marcela Vargas, Cal State Monterey Bay, a collaborative health and human services major, immigrated from Mexico with her migrant worker parents as a teenager. Her goal is to become a nurse or nutritionist in order to both support her family and to help her community as a whole.

Jesus Herrera-Cortes, Cal Poly Pomona, is an urban and regional planning student.  Born to a poor family in Mexico, which migrated to the United States a decade ago, he adapted to his new culture and strove to excel.  He has been active on campus with student groups and has volunteered for a family counseling program as well as the Pomona Hunger Center.

Joanna Siefert, Sacramento State, earned a degree in social welfare before going on to the university’s social work program.  Born in the Philippines, she has contented with family and personal illnesses and crisis, inspiring her desire to help others.  She has worked as a hospice volunteer, a reader for the blind, and a jail intern counseling inmates.

Jamie Hose, Cal State San Bernardino, took a wandering educational path before becoming the first in her family to graduate from college.  Before entering the master’s program in educational counseling and psychology, she worked with foster youth and took part in AmeriCorps.  Currently working as a substitute teacher, she seeks to become a mentoring school counselor.

Patricia Ann Hite, San Diego State, overcame an illness that resulted in the loss of her eyesight to complete her theatre arts B.A. Now in the theatre arts master’s program, she founded a student theatre organization, Broken Dolls: Theatre of Adversity, and hopes to establish a day camp for disabled children to encourage them to achieve their dreams.

Kathleen Rives, San Francisco State, is a master’s student in social psychology.  Born with a rare facial paralysis syndrome, she has worked as a case manager for the disabled and as a project manager in the school’s Emotion Research Laboratory.  She plans to work as a researcher, with the particular hope of helping create a supporting social skills training program for people with facial paralysis.

Jenelle Gonzalez, San Jose State, is a health science major.  After reuniting with her absent father, she had to help support him and her sisters through his terminal illness.  While working full time to support herself and her sisters, she has maintained a strong GPA and dreams of becoming a medical doctor.

Matthew D. Durham, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, is a political science major. A school truant who changed his life by joining the army, he later was injured and was diagnosed with an illness that left him wheelchair bound.  Surgery and rehabilitation work has given him some mobility and the hope of becoming an honors graduate and a productive worker.

Erik Eldridge, Cal State San Marcos, is a computer science major with a math minor.  Growing up in an unstable and poor family, he spent three years in a monastery before becoming his dying mother’s primary caregiver. His goal is to work in commercial software development while pursing further education in the field.

Niki Brunkhurst, Sonoma State, is a Presidential Scholar studying sociology with a minor in psychology.  Raised in a single parent household, she works 20-30 hours a week in addition to serving as a volunteer youth worker.  She plans to enter the field of social work and public administration.

Maribel Garcia, Cal State Stanislaus, is a psychology major now pursuing a master’s degree in education.  Born in Mexico, she faced economic hardship and academic difficulties before being set on the road to higher education.  Inspired by a school counselor, Maribel’s dream career is to also become a school counselor to help future generations of minority students.

Since its inception in 1974, the award has honored 158 students.

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