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Current News Releases and Stories 2012

Date Headline
12/19/2012 Governor Appoints Faigin to the Board of Trustees: Story
12/17/2012 The Point Sur: Blog
12/14/2012 Gold Fever: Students Create Hands-On Exhibits for CSU Chico’s Gateway: Blog
12/11/2012 Hospitality Outreach Event Draws 150 Students to LA Live: Story
12/6/2012 High Demand for CSU Drives Record Applications: Release
12/6/2012 California State University General Counsel Christine Helwick Announces Retirement: Release
12/6/2012 Doctor of Nursing Practice Completes Successful First Year: Story
12/6/2012 Nonprofits Transforming Lives: Story
12/6/2012 Teaching Across Borders: Story
12/6/2012 CSU Campuses Help Fight Hunger: Story
12/6/2012 CSU Leader: CSU Campuses Making a Difference
12/4/2012 CSU Center for Community Engagement Establishes Fundraising Effort in Celebration of 15th Anniversary: Release

Date Headline
11/29/2012 Helping Double CSU's Endowment: Story
11/29/2012 Educating Future Teachers: Story
11/29/2012 Easing the Transition from Soldier to Student: Story
11/29/2012 Opening Doors to College: Story
11/29/2012 Strengthening the Student Voice: Story
11/29/2012 CSU Leader: Chancellor Reed Strengthening the Student Voice
11/27/2012 California State University and SoCalGas Collaborate
to Strengthen Energy Education through Service and Learning:
11/21/2012 CSU On Pace for Record Applications: Release
11/21/2012 Called to Serve: Blog
11/20/2012 Is Agricultural Waste the New Plastic? Blog
11/20/2012 CSU Faculty Leading the Way in Digital Innovation Get a Boost from Sony Electronics: Story
11/15/2012 CSU Athletics: Facts, Firsts and Feats: Story
11/15/2012 Student News Gets National Recognition: Story
11/15/2012 To Protect and Serve the CSU: Story
11/15/2012 CSU Leader: November 15, 2012
11/14/2012 California State University Chancellor-Designee White Requests Board to Reduce His Compensation by 10 Percent: Release
11/14/2012 CSU Budget Request Balances System Needs with Fiscal Realities: Release
11/9/2012 Enduring Commitment to CSU Student Veterans: Story
11/8/2012 California State University Trustees to Consider Plan Providing Additional Admissions for New Students: Release
11/8/2012 Forming a New Generation of Civil Servants: Story
11/8/2012 CSU ROTC Training Future Leaders: Story
11/8/2012 CSU Leader: November 8, 2012
11/7/2012 Training for Life: Blog
11/7/2012 With Passage of Proposition 30, California State University to Roll Back Tuition: Release
11/6/2012 Obama Back by Popular Demand? A CSU Fullerton Professor Does the Math: Blog

Date Headline
10/30/2012 SF State Professor Weighs in on Superstorm Sandy’s Effects: Blog
10/19/2012 California State University Students Fuel the State’s Economy through Service Learning: Release
10/18/2012 Wine Country Welcomes Weill Hall: Story
10/18/2012 Cal Maritime Hosts Transportation Leader: Story
10/18/2012 Enhancing Learning with Online Tools: Story
10/18/2012 Students Lead Voter Registration Efforts: Story
10/18/2012 CSU Leader: October 18, 2012
10/18/2012 Cal State Student Debt Among Lowest in Nation: Story
10/18/2012 Es El Momento and HACU Highlight Educational Opportunities for Hispanics: Story
10/17/2012 CSU Scores Legislators, None Receive Top Grade: Release
10/17/2012 Serving the Community: Blog
10/5/2012 CSU Leader: October 5, 2012
10/4/2012 California State University Trustees Appoint Timothy P. White as 7th CSU Chancellor: Release
10/2/2012 CSU Campuses to Host Informational Events on Impact of Proposition 30: Release
10/2/2012 California Community Colleges and California State University Launch New Associate Degree for Transfer Website – Release

Date Headline
9/28/2012 Governor Appoints Eisen to Board of Trustees: Story
9/27/2012 CSU Campuses to Accept Fall Applications Starting October 1: Release
9/25/2012 California State University Board of Trustees Appoints External Group to Advise Special Chancellor Selection Committee: Release
9/21/2012 CSU Chancellor’s Office Greets Endeavour: Blog
9/20/2012 Ed.D. Producing Educational Leaders: Story
9/20/2012 CSU Leader: September 20, 2012
9/19/2012 Transforming Lives through Education: Blog
9/19/2012 Cal State Trustees Adopt Budget Contingency Plans: Release
9/19/2012 CSU Trustees Ratify Bargaining Agreements with CFA, SETC, SUPA and CSUEU Head Start: Story
9/18/2012 Cal State L.A. President James M. Rosser Announces His Retirement: Release
9/17/2012 Cal State Trustees To Consider Adoption of Budget Contingency Plans: Release
9/13/2012 English and Math Proficiency Continues to Increase for California's Eleventh Graders: Release
9/13/2012 Full of Possibility: Blog
9/12/2012 Hearst/CSU Trustees' Scholars Bring CSU Mission to Life: Release
9/12/2012 FYI - CSU Board of Trustees Highlighted Agenda Items: September 18-19, 2012
9/11/2012 Building the Door: Blog
9/10/2012 A Research Update from the Grapevine: Blog
9/5/2012 CSU Reaches Tentative Agreements with SETC-United and APC: Story
9/4/2012 Cal State Fullerton Arboretum Preserves California: Blog

Date Headline
8/30/2012 CSU Art Museums Showcasing and Developing Talent: Story
8/30/2012 Diversity is a Main Act at Luckman Theater: Story
8/30/2012 CSU Performing Arts Centers Usher in Talent: Story
8/30/2012 CSU Leader: CSU Showcases and Develops Talent
8/28/2012 A Little Otter Than Before: Blog
8/24/2012 Governor Appoints Vargas as Student Trustee: Story
8/22/2012 The Conversation: Blog
8/21/2012 CSU Super Saturday: Students Learning How to Get to College: Story
8/17/2012 Chancellor Reed Honored by Senate: Story
8/17/2012 California State University Issues Statement Regarding Spring Admissions: Statement
8/17/2012 Fresno State President John D. Welty Announces Retirement: Release
8/16/2012 Women Triumph in London: Story
8/16/2012 It Starts With Art: Story
8/16/2012 CSU Contributes to Curiosity: Story
8/16/2012 CSU Leader: August 16, 2012
8/10/2012 Working Together for Reinvestment: Blog
8/6/2012 Setting the Stage: Blog
8/6/2012 Protecting the Seas through Ballast Water Testing: Blog

Date Headline
7/31/2012 California State University and Faculty Union Reach Tentative Agreement: Release
7/30/2012 Ten CSU Campuses to Accept Limited Applications for Admission in Spring 2013: Release
7/27/2012 Emmy Shout-Out: Blog
7/24/2012 Passing the Torch of Scientific Knowledge through Mentorship: Blog
7/23/2012 CSU Announces Partnership with Pearson eCollege on Cal State Online Initiative: Release
7/19/2012 Big Problems, Small Solutions: Blog
7/19/2012 CSU Campuses Alive with Music, Art: Story
7/19/2012 Meet the CSU's Olympic Team: Story
7/19/2012 CSU Leader: July 19, 2012
7/17/2012 California State University Considers Budget Alternatives: Release
7/16/2012 Governor Appoints Norton to Board of Trustees: Story
7/6/2012 Governor Announces Board of Trustees Appointments: Story
7/6/2012 Learning by Teaching: Blog
7/5/2012 Helping the Community…One Fabric at a Time: Story
7/5/2012 CSU Summer Arts Brings Artistic Stardom to CSUMB: Story
7/5/2012 CSU Alumni Make Objects Come to Life: Story
7/5/2012 CSU Leader: CSU Makes Objects Come to Life
7/3/2012 The Chemistry of Fun: Blog
7/3/2012 How do fireworks work?: Blog

Date Headline
6/29/2012 Tentative Agreement Reached with SUPA – Public Safety: Story
6/27/2012 Weaving Sustainability into the Fabric of Campus: Blog
6/21/2012 Mother and Daughter Graduation Day: Blog
6/20/2012 Sending Off the Class of 2012: Story
6/20/2012 Degrees of Distinction: Story
6/20/2012 23 Faces of the CSU: Story
6/20/2012 CSU Leader: Sending Off the Class of 2012
6/13/2012 Two CSU Campuses to Partner with BHEF on Introduction of STEM Higher Education Workforce Regional Projects: Story
6/12/2012 CSU Strengthens Efforts to Solve State’s Water Woes: Blog
6/12/2012 California State University Board of Trustees Begin Search for Next Chancellor: Release
6/11/2012 COAST Reinforces CSU Marine Excellence in Washington, D.C.: Blog
6/7/2012 Gifted Students and Faculty Further Health Research: Story
6/7/2012 Vets Inspired to Save Lives: Story
6/7/2012 Health and Healing at the CSU: Story
6/7/2012 The Healthcare Workforce Boom: Story
6/7/2012 CSU Leader: Health and Healing at the CSU
6/7/2012 Cal State Welcomes White House's Financial Aid Transparency Effort: Story
6/6/2012 The Hope of a Better World: Blog
6/5/2012 Viewing the Transit of Venus: Blog
6/5/2012 First Generation Grads Pave the Way: Story
6/4/2012 California Community Colleges Chancellor Jack Scott and California State University Chancellor Charles B. Reed Laud First Students to Graduate with New Joint Transfer Degrees: Release

Date Headline
5/29/2012 CSU Trustees Appoint Thomas A. Cropper as President of California State University, Maritime: Release
5/29/2012 Eduardo M. Ochoa Named Interim President of California State University, Monterey Bay: Release
5/24/2012 California State University Chancellor Charles B. Reed to Retire: Release
5/22/2012 A Community at Work: Blog
5/21/2012 CSU Faces Unprecedented Demand, Limited Space: Release
5/16/2012 CSU Launches New Website Providing Information about Educational Opportunities for Foster Youth: Story
5/15/2012 CSU Receives Nearly $9 Million in Grants for Upward Bound Programs: Story
5/14/2012 Governor's May Revision Avoids Direct Cuts to California State University: Release
5/10/2012 Student Studies Take Center Stage: Story
5/10/2012 CSU Leader: May 10, 2012
5/10/2012 CSU Trustees Appoint Leslie E. Wong as President of San Francisco State University: Release
5/10/2012 CSU Trustees Appoint Tomás D. Morales as President of California State University, San Bernardino: Release
5/7/2012 California Faculty Association Walks Out on Negotiations With California State University: Release
5/4/2012 Team Work Makes the Dream Work: Blog
5/4/2012 COASTing Toward Progress: Blog
5/3/2012 Joseph F. Sheley Appointed Interim President of California State University, Stanislaus: Release
5/3/2012 In a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Blog

Date Headline
4/30/2012 FYI - CSU Board of Trustees Highlighted Agenda Items: May 8-9, 2012
4/23/2012 California State University Alumna Selected as National Teacher of the Year: Release
4/18/2012 California State University and the College Board Convene
Asian American/Pacific Islander Education Summit in Los Angeles:
4/17/2012 California State University Statement on Collective Bargaining Negotiations with CFA: Statement
4/12/2012 Learning About Sustainability at EcoFest 2012: Blog
4/10/2012 Willie J. Hagan Appointed Interim President of California State University, Dominguez Hills: Release
4/6/2012 Building a Better Future: Blog
4/5/2012 Sustainability with Substance: Story
4/5/2012 Student Stewardship in Sustainability: Story
4/5/2012 A Look at Our Polytechnic Universities: Story
4/5/2012 Growing a Sustainable Vineyard: Story
4/5/2012 CSU Leader: Sustainability with Substance
4/5/2012 Mean Green and Eco Green: Blog
4/3/2012 CSU Launches Revamped How to Get to College Poster and Website: Story

Date Headline
3/29/2012 Honoring Chavez’s Life of Service: Story
3/22/2012 CSU Trustees Appoint Dianne F. Harrison as President of Cal State Northridge: Release
3/22/2012 Students Give Financial Aid: Story
3/22/2012 CSU Leader: March 23, 2012
3/20/2012 California State University Outlines Options if Budget Cut By Additional $200 Million: Release
3/20/2012 CSU and CSUEU Reach New Collective Bargaining Agreement: Release
3/16/2012 Presidential Honors Bestowed on Sixteen CSU Campuses for Exemplary Community Engagement: Release
3/15/2012 Net Cost to Attend California State University Well Below National Public University Average: Release
3/15/2012 Connecting Identity, Place and Community: Blog
3/15/2012 CSUs Tackle Urban Coastal Crises: Blog
3/15/2012 CSU Leader: March 15, 2012
3/13/2012 Chancellor Charles Reed Wins 2012 TIAA-CREF Hesburgh Award for Leadership Excellence: Story
3/13/2012 FYI - CSU Board of Trustees Highlighted Agenda Items: March 20, 2012
3/13/2012 Seven Conferences and Counting: Blog
3/13/2012 Keeping it Green in Dining Halls: Story
3/13/2012 Saving Water for Tomorrow's Future: Story
3/13/2012 CSU Sustaining the Green Workforce: Story
3/13/2012 CSU Leader: CSU Sustaining the Green Workforce
3/9/2012 Secretary of Defense Panetta Addresses CSU Presidents: Story
3/9/2012 Fund Our Future: Blog

Date Headline
2/28/2012 The Merging of Worlds: Blog
2/24/2012 Cal Maritime Presidential Search Committee to Hold First Meeting: Release
2/24/2012 Persevering Through Despair: Blog
2/23/2012 Engineering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Story
2/23/2012 CSU Coastal Science Fellows Serving California: Story
2/23/2012 CSU Exploring the Unexplored: Story
2/23/2012 CSU Leader: CSU Exploring the Unexplored
2/22/2012 The Salton Sea - Fishing for Answers: Blog
2/22/2012 California State University to Offer Systemwide Digital Textbook Rental Program: Release
2/17/2012 The Message of Preparation Continues: Blog
2/17/2012 CSU Monterey Bay’s Underwater Disco: Blog
2/14/2012 Education and the Game of Life: Blog
2/9/2012 Celebrating Black History: Story
2/9/2012 Ag Fields See Organic Growth: Story
2/9/2012 CSU Leader: February 9, 2012
2/8/2012 CSU and Churches Unite Behind a Message of College Preparation: Release
2/7/2012 CSU Freshmen to Get an Early Start on Critical Skills: Release
2/7/2012 A Scientist’s Responsibility: Blog
2/6/2012 San Francisco State Presidential Search Committee to Hold First Meeting: Release

Date Headline
1/30/2012 CSU Continues Outreach Efforts with Journey to Success College Fair: Release
1/28/2012 Saving California’s Coast…One Project at a Time: Blog
1/26/2012 Sustainability @ the CSU: Story
1/26/2012 STEM Growth: Story
1/26/2012 CSU Leader: January 26, 2012
1/26/2012 San Bernardino Presidential Search Committee to Hold First Meeting: Release
1/25/2012 California State University Board of Trustees Adopts Policy Limiting Presidential Compensation: Release
1/25/2012 CSU Trustees Appoint Mildred García as President of Cal State Fullerton: Release
1/25/2012 Leroy M. Morishita Appointed Permanent East Bay President: Release
1/20/2012 Creating a Winning Playing Field: Blog
1/18/2012 Giving to CSU Increases by 30 Percent in 2010-2011: Release
1/17/2012 Honoring Their Names: Blog
1/17/2012 FYI - CSU Board of Trustees Highlighted Agenda Items: January 24-25, 2012
1/13/2012 A Vision of Inclusion and Understanding: Story
1/12/2012 Living for Science: Blog
1/12/2012 CSU Biotechnology Showcased in the Silicon Valley: Story
1/12/2012 Growing California's Stem Cell Research Workforce: Story
1/12/2012 Strengthening Youth Education in STEM: Story
1/12/2012 CSU Firsts in Scientific Discovery: Story
1/12/2012 CSU Trains Next Generation of Scientists: Story
1/12/2012 CSU Leader: CSU Trains Next Generation of Scientists
1/5/2012 Governor Proposes Flat Budget for California State University: Release
1/3/2012 Interim President Named to California State University, Fullerton: Release

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