Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research in the
California State University

Cal Poly Pomona Geological Sciences Department REU Field Team at the crater of Volcán Póas, Costa Rica (Spring 2011)

Cal Poly Pomona geology students sampling basalt from a late Pleistocene marine terrace for 36Cl exposure age dating, Playa Negra, Costa Rica

Cal Poly Pomona geology students surveying ancient shoreline elevations at Puerto San Juanillo, Costa Rica

CSU Monterey Bay student Alexandra Davis puts her scientific diving skills to the test at Aquarius underwater ocean laboratory

CSU Monterey Bay student Stefanie Kortman conducts an agricultural research project investigating greenhouse gas emissions from row crops

Undergraduate research is a key "high-impact" educational practice and is a growing part of CSU undergraduate education programs. CSU faculty members are outstanding scholars in their disciplines, and provide significant mentorship to engage research, scholarship, and creative activities they undertake with their students. Much of the undergraduate research conducted at the CSU is focused on regional and community needs, supports the professional advancement of students, and constitutes an important driver for curriculum renewal and innovation.