Career Centers

Resources for Employers

Simplify your recruitment efforts and save costs by letting the CSU’s Career Services connect you with CSU students and alumni who are well prepared to contribute to your organization's success. We provide an array of cost-effective recruitment services and resources that will expand your talent pool, save you time, and help you prepare the next generation of business, organizational and community leaders. Services on individual campuses include:

  • Job and internship postings online (free on most campuses)
  • Job and internship fairs
  • Information sessions and outreach tables
  • On-campus interview services
  • networking and resume referral services

CSU Career Services are also a regional resource for information related to college student recruiting and hiring practices.


  • In 2011, the CSU conducted a survey of nearly 1,000 employers who hired students and recent graduates across California. The results identify critical hiring factors, hiring trends, and the performance of recent CSU graduates compared to all recent graduates hired by these employers over the past three years. Employers identified four areas where CSU graduates they had hired were rated significantly above the pool of all college graduates they had hired: teamwork; flexibility to respond to changing work demands; capability to learn what is necessary to be effective in their assignments; and representing the diversity of the emerging workplace. Access the full report:
    2011 CSU Career Directors Statewide Employer Survey(.pdf)
    Also read Employer Advice to CSU Students (.pdf) based on the survey responses.
  • In 2009, CSU Career Services conducted a statewide survey of employers who recruit students for professional postgraduate positions. Employers identified four areas where CSU graduates rated significantly above the general college graduate pool: teamwork, flexibility to respond to changing work demands, potential to contribute to the success of an organization in the future, and representing the diversity of the emerging workplace.

    CSU alumni have distinguished themselves in every field. Learn more about the CSU’s outstanding alumni and their impact on the Working for California website.