Career Centers

Faculty Resources

Faculty are encouraged to extend learning beyond the classroom by involving students in career development activities sponsored by the career center on their respective campuses. Examples of support include:

  • Class presentations on career and job search topics by a career center staff member;
  • Extra credit opportunities via attendance at workshops, career panels and employment events offered by the career center; and
  • Supplementing capstone and career preparation courses with software tools provided by the Career Center.

CSU Career Services continue to collaborate on projects supporting student learning and success on their individual campuses. Examples were identified in the whitepaper Purposeful Partnerships for Student Career Success: Student Affairs and Academic Affairs Collaboration, which presents case studies of 10 distinctive partnerships across the CSU that highlight collaboration between Career Services and academic programs that support student success. Partnerships include those focused on particular industries (e.g. entertainment, hospitality); particular disciplines such as Business, Communications, and STEM; integrating advising, community engagement, and career exploration; and program and student learning outcomes assessment.