Educational Opportunity Program

How to Apply

Apply to EOP
Applicants must complete both the CSU undergraduate application and EOP application.

All EOP applicants must submit the application materials requested by the campus Admission and EOP Offices. Applicants must submit the materials requested by the Financial Aid Office if they wish to be considered for an EOP grant or other financial assistance. You are required to include your social security number on EOP forms by authority contained in Title V, California Code of Regulations, Section 41201.

Admission Materials

Apply for admission electronically at CSUMentor OR download a PDF of the CSU undergraduate application and submit the following to the Admission Office:

  1. Completed undergraduate application for admission, including EOP Materials detailed below);
  2. $55 CSU application fee or Request to Waive Admission Application Fee Form (community college EOP&S transfer students may obtain an application fee waiver form from their respective school's EOP&S Office);
  3. High school and/or college transcripts, or GED score when notified by the campus; and
  4. SAT or ACT test score (if required) when notified by the campus.

EOP Materials

In addition to submitting an undergraduate application according to the steps above, applicants must complete and submit EOP application materials:

  1. Applicant Information Form (Form 1)-You can complete this form online at CSUMentor when you complete the undergraduate application.
  2. Recommendation Forms (Forms 2a and 2b)-You can complete this form online at CSUMentor when you complete the EOP application. Two (2) recommendations are required to complete the EOP application file.
  3. Other—If you do not apply for financial aid by filing the FAFSA (see below), you may be required to submit other documentation to determine EOP income eligibility.

EOP application deadlines vary from campus to campus. Check with the EOP and/or admission office at the campus you wish to attend for the EOP application deadline. If completing hard copies, the Applicant Information Form Statement should be sent to EOP, and the Recommendation Forms should be sent to EOP by the persons completing them. The online Applicant Information Form and recommendation forms will be sent electronically to the EOP office.