Educational Opportunity Program

Selection Process

Once your EOP file is complete, it will be reviewed carefully by a selection committee. The committee will consider such factors as financial need, academic performance, motivation and potential for success in college. The committee may consider community involvement, work experience, or the career you wish to pursue. Be sure to complete all forms accurately to assist the committee in understanding your academic preparation and motivation.

Admission notices will be sent to fall applicants in May or June if they complete their files by campus priority deadlines. (Please check with the campus of your choice for specific campus deadlines). Applicants from high schools that have year-round schedules should plan on completing their EOP application materials earlier than usual to accommodate the school calendar.

Interviews and Skills Assessment

Some campuses use interviews and/or skills assessment testing to help determine the services you will require if admitted. The EOP Office at the campus to which you apply will notify you if an assessment is required during the selection process.