Educational Opportunity Program

Student Success Stories

Hallison Rodrigues

Hallison Rodrigues
San Francisco State University
May 2013

During five amazing years at San Francisco State, the Educational Opportunity Program taught me that success does not happen overnight. It is a process - consistently attending class after an exhaustive week of back-to-back exams, joining a student organization and helping others find their career paths, and volunteering to make a difference in others' lives. Part of that process is realizing that even after doing everything right, success might still be delayed. I earned my degree in Physiology with academic honors in May 2012 and I did not expect to spend the last year in manual labor, substitute teaching, and volunteering in a university laboratory to gain hands-on experience. Finally, I was offered a fulltime tax analyst job for a hardware company. EOP taught me that one who seeks success must be patient and focus on the big picture. Mine is to one day become a successful Crime Scene Investigator.

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