Educational Opportunity Program

Student Success Stories

Jeanette Jauregui

Jeanette Jauregui
California State University Northridge
June 2013

Jeanette grew up in Inglewood, California. Inglewood is a low income neighborhood engulfed in gang violence, drugs, high crime rates, educational barriers, and other adverse issues that hinder the positive development of the city's inhabitants. In one way or another, each of these negatively affected Jeanette's life. Jeanette graduated from Inglewood High School with a 2.4 GPA. Soon after applying to 10 different CSUs and UCs, Jeanette promptly received letter after letter of denied admission. California State University, Northridge's (CSUN) Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) was the only educational incentive that reached out to Jeanette. Despite her GPA and low SAT scores, EOP gave Jeanette a second chance at her dream of completing a higher education. In five years, Jeanette has obtained two baccalaureate degrees in English and Sociology. Throughout her five years, Jeanette was very much involved in various student activist organizations. She has received the Dean's List Award almost every semester as well as other awards recognizing her academic excellence. With the support and guidance of EOP staff and mentors throughout her college career, Jeanette graduated in May 2013 with honors. In the future, Jeanette plans to obtain her Juris Doctorate degree and someday run for congresswoman. She also plans to open up a community center in Inglewood for the youth to have a positive presence in their community.

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