Educational Opportunity Program

Student Success Stories

Alicia Juarez

Alicia Juarez,
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, '11
Major: Graphic Communication

Considering which university to attend, Alicia Juarez was "determined to get into a school that I felt would provide me with the best resources..." Like many transfer students, selecting Cal Poly and attending Cal Poly were two very different tasks. Alicia had to learn firsthand how to transform her challenges into successes on Cal Poly's demanding, highly-competitive campus. Alicia found that "managing time to commit to both education and the job(s) that are supporting your education is definitely a struggle." Prioritizing, committing herself to her education and self-confidence were foundational to her being able to juggle school and a heavy employment schedule, especially on the quarter system. She cites the Educational Opportunity Program and her EOP advisor as key to her success as a fall 2011 graduate with a Bachelor's in Graphic Communication. Alicia plans to work in mobile technology, publishing or web development and eventually, graduate school.

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