Educational Opportunity Program

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Miguel Mendoza

Miguel Mendoza
CSU East Bay '06
Residency in emergency medicine, UCLA

Miguel Mendoza moved to Richmond, CA from Mexico at the age of 15. No one in his family spoke English and the language barrier he faced while attending John F. Kennedy High was extremely difficult.

Miguel was admitted in 2001 to the Summer Bridge program at CSU, East Bay. The five-week program provided him with Math and English classes, counseling support and strategies for academic success.

Miguel decided to become a doctor after completing the five week SMDEP program in 2003, at the University of Washington. In 2006, he graduated from CSU East Bay, with a GPA of 3.98. He recently graduated from the UCSF School of Medicine and is currently attending UCLA completing his residency in emergency medicine.

Miguel is the first in his family to attend college and complete a medical degree. His parents are very proud of him. We in the EOP program are very proud of him, too.

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