Educational Opportunity Program

Student Success Stories

Robert Peralta

Robert Peralta
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, '10
Electrical Engineering

Robert Peralta selected Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to "be part of the best. The College of Engineering is one of the top in the nation." Robert's journey is a testament to his resilience, determination and hard work. Growing up in an area infested by violence and drugs, he chose a path including the military, community college and finally, Cal Poly. Robert realized he needed to tackle the very different cultural environment and academics, but accepted that he "came here for one thing: to graduate." He overcame family tragedy and medical concerns—and a fear of failure. "Thinking I was going to fail, made me fail. However, changing my perception and tactics made me successful." Robert was a key organizer for an engineering student academic/personal support group. One of Robert's biggest accomplishments was winning a Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers national design competition. Robert noted that the Educational Opportunity Program was truly helpful, providing academic workshops—"they have great staff!"

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