Educational Opportunity Program

Student Success Stories

Orlando Roybal

Orlando Roybal
California State University Northridge
June 2013

Orlando, born in Los Alamitos lived in 9 different cities before the age of 12. His mother struggled with a drug addition and his father was never around. Orlando's older brother got caught within the gang life and spent a lot of time in jail. Orlando, his younger sister and his mom lived with family members and then in a motel for 2 years, until he was 12 and placed in foster care in Pomona. Once in foster care he focused on school because that was the only thing he had control of. He graduated with honors and was accepted to California State University Northridge and the Residential Bridge Program through EOP. He chose CSUN because EOP made him feel wanted and that was a feeling he had been looking for. EOP helped Orlando to believe in himself and provided support that family had failed to. Orlando is heavily involved on campus and has received numerous scholarships and awards. Orlando graduated in Spring 2013 with a degree in Sociology. He plans to attend graduate school and later work in higher education to support first generation students from troubled environments and empower them to stop the cycle on negativity.

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