Educational Opportunity Program

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Daniel Valencia

Daniel Valencia
California State University East Bay
June 2013

Daniel Valencia graduated with a Bachelor of Science Biology from CSU East Bay. I was raised in Redwood City CA, family of six, first time college generation student with a goal of becoming a great doctor someday. I will be graduating from CSUEB in the exact time of four years with $0 in dept! How did I accomplish this?

Two jobs: Chemistry Tutor/TA and Assistant at the Chemistry Stock Room in the Science Department. My excellent grades in Menlo-Atherton High School gave me the chance to obtain the Pursuit of excellence scholarship and the Peninsula College Fund scholarship. All my free-time at CSUEB was dedicated for my studies and coursework while still having some time for my hobbies like working out, being involved in clubs, and doing summer internships. I was presidents of the PAW Club in 2010 and President of The Health Connect Club in 2012. Presentations, Health Fairs, and Counseling were my best qualities. The summer programs I attended.

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