Educational Opportunity Program

Student Success Stories

Jon Vu

Jon Vu
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, '09
Computer Science

Having completed a Master's in Computer Science and two Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and in Mathematics, John Vu recognizes how his challenges have shaped his life. Raised by his single mom with financial hardships, John also recognizes he was "not a genius or a fast learner." He did, however, use his EOP resources, including his EOP advisor and participated in Study Sessions and Supplemental Workshops in Science and Math to hone his critical thinking and study skills. His greatest challenge was learning to love and appreciate himself; as a freshman, he tried to end his life when he recognized himself as both a Christian and a gay man. He was able to come back to campus a stronger and more focused person, actively involved in the university community, his faith, internships and academics. John Vu graduated as a strong Cal Poly role model and community service advocate.

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