Educational Opportunity Program

Student Success Stories

Tony C. Wei

Tony C. Wei
Cal Poly Pomona '04
Quality & Safety, MARS Petcare

Tony C. Wei entered Cal Poly Pomona as an EOP Summer Bridge student in 1999 and earned his B.S. in Food Science and Technology in 2004. He attributes his success to the resources provided by EOP at Cal Poly Pomona and he was inspired to give back to the program by working as an EOP tutor.

Tony worked at Panda Express as the Senior Food Technologist in Product Development. His achievements include developing Honey Walnut Shrimp, Golden Treasure Shrimp and sodium reduction. Currently Tony is working at MARS Petcare where he is responsible for the quality and safety of pet food for well-known brands. As a volunteer for the American Red Cross he has provided support for national disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and developed a food safety course to ensure food safety for Red Cross feeding operations in disasters. Tony is married and has two sons.

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