Educational Opportunity Program

Student Success Stories

Jessica Williamson

Jessica Williamson
California State University Northridge
June 2013

My experience as an undergrad student and as a graduate of California State University Northridge 2013 has shaped me to move on to higher education and pursue a Ph.D. degree in Psychology. My path to higher education in the psychology field was not one of fate, because as a first generation college student in my family my expectations were to join the workforce after high school. Coming from South Central, Los Angeles, not many people are granted the opportunities I have been given. Being an EOP Bridge 2008 student and later being accepted in the Minority Access to Research and Careers program, my special preparation and fitness for graduate study has been shaped and molded to be a competitive individual in my field. My motivation that I have within myself strengthens me to achieve all of my goals and to open my mind to new knowledge. I expect that my work will challenge paradigms and will become part of humanist endeavors to understand behaviors.

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