Student Success Fees


  • Student Success Fees are campus-defined fees designed to enhance the quality of academic programs and the student experience on a campus. Per the California State University Fee Policy - Executive Order 1102 (revised in July 2015), the fees are designed to enhance academic programs, improve the availability of courses and facilitate student progress toward degree completion.
  • Twelve campuses currently have 2016/17 Student Success Fees that range from $171 to $814.
  • Student Success Fees are mandatory campus fees that must be paid before a student can enroll at a CSU campus that has established these fees.
Campus-defined Fees
  • These fees are initiated and recommended by the campus community.
  • The fee revenue may be used for a range of purposes determined by the campus community.
  • Examples include: expanding library hours, expanding services for disabled students and veterans, hiring additional faculty and academic counselors, adding and outfitting additional laboratory space, enhancing the technology infrastructure, and funding capital improvements including library expansion projects and more.
Evaluation Process
  • All students, who are eligible to vote in student goverment elections, are eligible to vote on Student Success Fee proposals.
  • According to Executive Order 1102, a rigorous consultation process will be undertaken with students prior to a binding student vote by referendum to ensure that students are well informed on the proposed uses, impact and cost of the Student Success Fee proposal.
  • Student Success Fees will remain in place for six years following implementation.
  • Once approved, the fees and fee revenue are administered by the President through the Campus Fee Advisory Committee.
  • In most cases, Student Success Fees are phased in over a period of time to allow students to plan for the additional expenditure.