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SJSU Participates in Fourth Annual Super Sunday

SAN JOSÉ, Calif. - San José State President Jon Whitmore will participate in California State University's fourth annual Super Sunday celebration on February 15. That day, CSU presidents, staff and volunteers will attend African American church services throughout Northern California, a tradition that began at the invitation of participants in the CSU's 2005 African American Initiative. Before, during and after the service, Whitmore and the San José State team will remind church goers of the lifetime value of higher education and the need to prepare early for college. Super Sunday coincides with Black History Month. Whitmore will attend the 10:45 a.m. service at Maranatha Christian Center, 1811 S. Seventh St., Suite A, San José.

The CSU's Super Sunday Web site includes a list of participating churches, background information and materials that will be shared with Super Sunday participants. New this year are a video and a blog, which will feature President Whitmore on Monday, February 16.