Technology Infrastructure Services (TIS)

CSU Systemwide Support

TIS provides a foundation of integrated services to the CSUís technical environments on campuses and within the Chancellorís Office. These services include technical support, building infrastructure for high-performance networks, asset and change management resources, application development, and secure access through identity management tools.

Operations Support Services (OSS)
Operations Support Services (OSS) provides both system-wide and Chancellorís Office support. System-wide services include enterprise technical services supporting CMS database administration, CMS security management, 24-hour/7-day ITService Center technical support, change control, and contract and SLA management for the CMS Unisys Data Center. Chancellorís Office services include support and management of the technical infrastructure for the WestEd Data Center, change control, and network and telecommunications services, and desktop user support for the Golden Shore and WestEd facilities.

ITService Center
Contact the ITService Center to report enterprise-wide IT problems, submit service requests, download help desk software, and obtain reports and information about Unisys operations and service level agreements.

Data Center and Network Services
Obtain information about the Chancellor's Office data center, outsourced data center, and network interoperability, including management of change control and service level agreements.

Enterprise Technical Services
Obtain technical support and information for Oracle Enterprise and CSU custom applications.

Security Services
Obtain information and services to improve application security, user accountability, and system availability.