Ready to transfer to a CSU? The following checklist will help you correctly apply, optimize the chances of attending the CSU of your choice and make sure you get credit for all applicable courses.

  • Meet with your counselor at your community college transfer center to discuss your transfer plans and to find out any additional information you need to know.
  • Use CSUMentor, a free online resource, to check the CSU’s admission requirements, application fees, tuition rates, testing, application dates and other commonly asked questions.
  • Refer to ASSIST, an online student-transfer information system, to find how the credits you have earned at one public California college or university can be applied when transferring to another school.
  • Check your final college transcripts before sending them to the CSU. All transfer applicants are required to submit final college transcripts prior to enrollment in CSU classes to verify their successful completion of all admission requirements. If you did not complete the courses needed for admission, the CSU campus to which you apply may delay or cancel your admission or enrollment until you have successfully completed these requirements. (A few CSU campuses admit transfer students based on courses “in progress;” others do not.) More information is available at CSUMentor. 
  • Check with your California Community College Transfer Center to see if you are eligible for a Transfer Admissions Agreement (TAA) or a Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG), which secures you a place at the selected campus specified in the agreement.

  • Find out if the CSU campus(es) and the programs you are applying to are “impacted” and what supplemental admission criteria is being used. Several CSU campuses receive more applications during the initial filing period than can be accommodated; these campuses are designated “impacted” and may impose supplemental admission criteria for transfer admission. In addition, a number of CSU campuses also have programs or majors that are impacted, which requires them to impose more selective admission criteria in determining student eligibility. For more information, see the CSUMentor Impaction Web page.