CSU Transfer Road Maps

The CSU Transfer Road Maps is one of several pathways that California Community Colleges (CCC) students may use to prepare for transfer to the CSU. Other options for transfer students can be found on the CSUMentor Plan for College.

California community college students who know the major they wish to pursue and the CSU campus they wish to attend are advised to follow the traditional major preparation articulation and transfer admission agreements, which are available from their CCC transfer centers or on ASSIST.

For transfer students who are uncertain about which CSU campus they will attend, the CSU road maps provide an academic roadmap of courses that are commonly accepted among most CSU campuses. These pathways have been designed and approved by discipline faculty across the CSU system and are intended to ensure appropriate academic preparation for the identified major.

The road maps identify the recommended general education coursework for the major and approximately 6 semester units of courses that meet requirements for the major at most of the CSU campuses offering the major. Each major discipline has a statewide and campus-specific component. The statewide and campus specific components for an LDTP discipline will generally total at least 60 units, the number needed to transfer to CSU as an upper-division transfer student.