2005-2006 Annual Report on External Support to the CSU

Giving from Individuals and Alumni


Giving to the CSU
2003/04 $108,327,320
2004/05 $103,889,743
2005/06 $108,162,920

The number of individuals giving to the CSU grew by over 11,000 supporters in 2005-2006, reaching a total of 221,924 individual donors. The average number of individual donors among CSU institutions was 9,000. Gift receipts from individuals totaled $108 million.


Giving to the CSU
2003/04 $20,547,225
2004/05 $37,497,153
2005/06 $27,300,023

Alumni membership for 2005-2006 reached 118,000 members, up 2,000 members from the prior year. These members provided nearly $2 million in membership dues and contributed $11 million in charitable gifts, representing 40 percent of all alumni gifts to the university.

Fewer multimillion-dollar mega-gifts from alumni resulted in a decline of alumni giving to $27 million compared to $37 million the prior year and a drop in the average gift size from $469 in 2004-2005 to $398 in 2005-2006.

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