2008-09 Annual Report on External Support to the CSU

Giving from Organizations

Organizations Giving to the CSU
Organization Giving to the CSU
2006/07 $122 million
2007/08 $128 million
2008/09 $144 million

* Includes gifts from all organizations not defined as a
Corporation or Foundation, such as United Way.

Gifts from organizations include giving from corporations, foundations and other organizations such as the United Way. In 2008-09, gift receipts from organizations increased $15.6 million (or 12 percent) to $143.7 million.


Corporations donated $46 million, including three gifts of $1 million or more, one each received by Long Beach, Northridge and San Francisco. Of the total received from corporations, company products accounted for over $3 million (up from $2 million last year). Corporations also support educational priorities by matching contributions from their employees. Over 3,000 matching gifts enhanced the value of individual contributions by $1.5 million.


Foundation contributions increased 32 percent from the prior year, equaling one-third of all charitable gift receipts this year. With 1,067 contributions, private foundations, including family foundations, contributed $85 million, including a $29.4 million gift from a family foundation in support of the CSU Fresno agricultural program. Eleven gifts of $1 million or more were received by five universities, including Channel Islands, Fresno, Long Beach, San Diego and San Francisco.

Dr. Ali C. Razi, TrusteeThe William Randolph Hearst/CSU Trustees' Award for Outstanding Achievement is given each year to those students who demonstrate superior academic performance, personal accomplishments, community service, and financial need. These scholars have overcome tremendous life challenges to pursue a college degree, and their personal stories are inspiring.

Dr. Ali C. Razi, Trustee Emeritus of the CSU Board of Trustees, is credited with keeping the Hearst Trustee scholarship in operation when funding for the program was in doubt. He personally “stepped up to the plate” and inspired others to do the same. In 2006, Razi endowed a scholarship fund to recognize the top recipients of this prestigious award, and he continues to make annual contributions.

Son of an educator, Razi is the president of the Stratham Group, a real estate investment and development firm based in Irvine, Calif., where he has worked since 1984. He is a respected leader in the Iranian-American community and a former consul member of the World Affairs Council of Orange County.