2009-10 Philanthropic Annual Report


Endowment Market Value
Endowment Market Value

CSU endowments began to recover during 2009-2010, with an 18 percent increase in endowment market value that reached $846 million, up from $720 million in 2008-2009.

In 2009-2010, donors contributed nearly $50 million in new gifts toward endowments, an increase of 26 percent from the prior year. Over a three-year period, $157 million in new endowment gifts has been added to endowments throughout the CSU. As state resources diminish, these assets are important for protecting the financial health of the institution, as evident in the endowment earnings distribution. Collectively, CSU institutions distributed $23 million from endowment in support of the university’s students, faculty and programs.

During the year, investment strategies at CSU institutions paid off, with the CSU experiencing a positive investment return, which averaged 13.34 percent. Systemwide investment return is presented as a dollarweighted average.

Endowment Investment Performance

Investment Pool
Asset Ranges
#CSU CSU Average
Investment Return
>$100 m to <=$500 m 3 14.59%
>$50 m to <=$100 m 2 13.75%
>$25 m to <=$50 m 6 11.18%
Less than or <=$25 m 13 13.22%

2009/2010 CSU Median = 14.2%
2009/2010 Industry Benchmark: Russell 3000 65% and Barclay’s Aggregate Bond Index 35% = 13.39%