2011-12 Philanthropic Annual Report

California State University, Pomona

Contribution Highlights

During summer of 2011, the Division of University Advancement entered year four of their five-year Campaign for Cal Poly Pomona. The 2011-2012 year concluded with $104,956,701 million raised. This amount is 70 percent of the university's $150 million goal. The following are a few highlights of last year's success:

  • Peter Castro, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences, signed a $1.5 million bequest, the largest gift to the College of Science, to endow two scholarships, as well as establish an environmental science scholar-in-residence. The bequest came a few months after a generous $147,000 donation Castro made to establish another scholarship: The Rachel Carson Environmental Science Scholarship, named after the American biologist and conservationist who started the modern environmental movement.
  • Architecture alumna Juliana Terian, co-founder of Nouvelle View and former chairman of Rallye Automotive Group (NY), pledged $2.5 million to the College of Environmental Design. It is the single largest cash gift in the history of the college and the seventh largest cash gift in Cal Poly Pomona history.
  • Engineering technology alumnus Tony Marraccino and his wife, Terri, made a generous planned gift that will equally benefit the Rose Float program, the College of Engineering and a maintenance fund for the university.
Gift Commitments 2011/12
New Gifts $5,844,065
New Pledges $3,400,500
Testamentary Commitments $1,500,000
Native American and Local Government Contributions $0
Total $10,744,565

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Charitable Gift Receipts
New Gifts $5,844,065
Pledge Payments $10,591,304
2011/12 Total $16,435,369

Charitable Gifts:
A 3-Year History
Charitable Gifts: A 3-Year History
2009/10 $5,909,203
2010/11 $16,504,641
2011/12 $16,435,369

Charitable Gifts by
Source of Gift
Charitable Gifts by Source of Gift
Alumni circle for pie chartAlumni 15.82%
Parents circle for pie chartParents 0.26%
Other Individuals circle for pie chartOther Individuals 10.93%
Foundations circle for pie chartFoundations 54.42%
Corporations circle for pie chartCorporations 5.72%
Other Organizations circle for pie chartOther Organizations 12.86%

Charitable Gifts by
Gift Disbursement
Charitable Gifts by Gift Disbursement
Program circle for pie chartPrograms 31.35%
Campus ImprovementsCampus Improvements 12.07%
Endowment circle for pie chartEndowment 51.49%
Unrestricted circle for pie chartUnrestricted 0.98%
Other circle for pie chartOther 4.11%