CSU Student Transfer


Freshman Admission for Veteran and Dependent Students

Many veteran students are eligible for first-time freshman admission if they met the CSU eligibility requirements while still in high school.

Active duty military personnel stationed in California and service members discharged in California are usually granted waivers of California nonresident fees and are treated as California residents for admission purposes.

Admission offices at the 23 campuses use three factors to determine admissibility for first-time freshmen:

Many CSU campuses have higher standards for particular majors or for students who live outside the local admission area. Because of the number of students who apply, several campuses have higher standards (supplementary admission criteria) for all applicants. For more information, visit Cal State Apply.

Students who are not California residents need to complete the same pattern of courses, but they need a higher GPA and test score combination. See the Eligibility Index for Nonresidents for more details.

Transfer Admission

All California State University campuses welcome applications from transfer students. You are considered a transfer student if you have completed coursework at any community college, college or university in the first regular school term following your high school graduation. If you completed college units before high school graduation or during the summer between high school graduation and your first regular college term, you are considered a first-time freshman and need to meet the CSU’s first-time freshman admission requirements.

All but a few CSU transfer students enter at the junior level. Upper-division transfers must complete at least 60 semester or 90 quarter units before transfer. Specific courses in English composition, oral communication, critical thinking and mathematics must be included.

All CSU campuses have higher standards for non-California residents. Some campuses have higher standards for particular majors. Finally, a few campuses have higher standards for all applicants. For more information, visit Cal State Apply.