Water Policy


2013 Water Resources and Policy Initiatives Conference
Student Posters

Discovering potential nutraceuticals in drought and salt tolerant pomegranates grown with poor quality water in Central CA - Tiziana Centofanti, Gary Bañuelos, Annabel Rodriguez, Teagan Zoldoske, Irvin Arroyo, Maribel Viveros, & Anna Allen

Removal of Arsenic from Contaminated Ground Water using a Nicaraguan Ceramic Filter - Michelle M. Saltis and Robert N. Phalen

RVR Meander to Assess Snowslide Canyon Creek - Richard Alcala, & Seema Shah-Fairbank

Groundwater-surface water interaction in Martis Valley - Elizabeth DeRubeis, Richard Bibby, Bradley Esser, & Jean Moran

Automation of Surface Renewal based micro-met systems to evaluate crop Evaporation(ET) - My Dang, Diganta Adhikari, & Patrick Barnes

Ecological Restoration Monitoring and Mapping - Ingrid Williams

Thermal and Oxygen Dynamics in Four Drinking Water Reservoirs - Raymond Lee, & Trent Biggs

Nitrate removal, flow paths, and N2O emissions in two denitrifying woodchip bioreactors: Mitigating agricultural nutrient loads in the Salinas Valley, CA - Christina David

Martis Valley Groundwater Recharge - Daniel Segal, Jean Moran, Ate Visser, Brad Esser, & Mike Singleton

Analyzing Microbial Populations in Woodchip Bioreactors - Samayyah Williams, & Monica Palomo

Hydro-Geomorphic Characteristics of the Stanislaus, Tuolumne, and Merced Watersheds - Aldo Garcia, Oleta Piecuch, Michael Machado, Josh Buchanan, Augustine Avwundiogoba, & Peggy Hauselt

Sierran stream discharge forecasting based on Tulare Lake-level reconstructions - Ashleigh Blunt, Logan Prosser, Kelsey Padilla, Robert Negrini, Lindsey Medina, Kathy Randall, Emmanuel Garcia, James Wilson, John Wilson, Cristina Reyes, Martin Jimenez, Peter Wigand, Ken Adams, & Susan Zimmerman

Characterization of Urban Runoff Water Treatment Ponds in San Dieguito River Park - Shelly Lawrence, Elayna Flanders

Effect of Irrigation, Surfactant and Fertilizer Rates on Nitrate and Chlorophyll Content in Tomato Leaves - Janet Robeles, Navreet K. Mahal, Prasad Yadavali, Dave Goorahoo, & Florence Cassel S.

Evaluation of Suitable Juvenile Steelhead Trout Habitat in the Carmel River Lagoon - Julianne Rhodes

Developing Crop Coefficients for Processing Tomatoes under Subsurface Drip Irrigation - Bardia Dehghanmanshadi, Florence Cassel S., & Dave Goorahoo

Investigating the Toxicity of Silver Ions to Chronically Exposed Nitrifying Bacteria - Issa El Haddad, Kevin Csupak, & Tyler S. Radniecki

Monitoring a toxic cyanbacterial bloom in a shallow, hypereutrophhic lake on California's Central Coast - Scott Blanco, Aparna Sreenivasan, & Marc Los Huertos

Conservation and Management of the Santa Ana River Watershed; Estimating Genetic Diversity of the Santa Ana Speckled Dace - Stacey A. Nerkowski, Liana R. Greaver, Pia VanMeter, Jay VanMeter, & Anthony E. Metcalf

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