Water Policy



Water Resources Experiential Learning for USDA Careers

WRPI received a 4-year award for $2 million that is available to students from all 23 CSU Campuses as well as all 113 California Community Colleges.

Applications for projects and student interns for the 2018-2019 academic year and summer will be released in Fall 2018.

For details please see http://wri.csusb.edu/watershedManagementExperientialLearning.html


WRPI Community Water Internship Program (SAWPA)

The Community Water Internship is supported through SAWPA’s Disadvantaged Communities Involvement (DCI) Program and Proposition 1 funding from the California Department of Water Resources (DWR).

Accepting applications on an ongoing basis.

For details and application instructions, please see http://wri.csusb.edu/disadvantagedCommunityWaterInternship.html

WRPI LA-V DACIP Internship Program

The Los Angeles-Ventura County Disadvantaged Communities Involvement Program (LA-V DACIP) Internship Program is funded by the Department of Water Resources. The Los Angeles-Ventura IRWMP has partnered with the CSU to provide paid internships, and WRPI administer the internship program.

For details and instructions, please see http://wri.csusb.edu/DACIPinternship.html


CSU / Environmental Protection Agency Internship Program

Currently under review. Not accepting applications at this time.